Active Schools Flag

Active Schools Committee 2019-2020

We have elected our new Active Schools committee for 2019/2020. We are looking forward to all the new ideas the committee will bring to Gusserane school.









Active School Slogan

We had an Active School Slogan competition recently, well done to Mia Kent in 3rd class who created our new Active School Slogan for Gusserane NS, 'Don't sit, keep fit and do your bit!'



Active School Week 2019

We had lots of fun during this years Active School Week. The whole school participated in a number of different activities. Here are some of the fun things we got up to during the week!



Thanks to Sports Active Wexford for supplying us with dance mats for Active Schools Week. The children loved them!





We had a sponsored walk as part of our Active School Week. Thanks to all the pupils and parents for their participation on the day.





Junior Infants up to 2nd class got a taster session from the 'Stretch 'n' Grow team. It was a lovely sunny day and the kids were busy practising their balancing and co-ordination skills.





The fourth and fifth class were busy with their playmaker course provided by Sports Active Wexford. They were teaching the pupils how to become effective playground leaders, teaching leadership skills and fun games!




Easter Egg Hunt

We recently had our Easter Egg hunt and we used our Active Walkway for the hunt! The kids really enjoyed it. 






Playground Leaders

Our playground leaders are working hard on yard at breaktimes! 5th and 6th class pupils have volunteered to take on the role of playground leader. A rota is set up for these pupils and each week, junior infants to 2nd class will be taught a new playground game by the leaders in the front yard, and 3rd to 6th class pupils can participate in games taught by the leaders on the pitch. It's a great way to work as a team and enjoy learning some new games together!




GAA Coaching

Thanks to Gusserane GAA for organising coaching sessions for our school each week. Our students are learning lots of new skills for both football and hurling.




Active Walkway

We recently put our Active Walkway around our school!


Maths Week

All the classes had lots of fun incorporating active games into maths week 2018!




Friendship Week

We incorporated lots of activity into Friendship Week this year! We engaged in lots of co-operative activities and on the final day, we had a rainbow run on the school pitch!




Active Homework

All pupils are engaging with Active Homework. We have suggestion sheets for kids with activities at home and we also distributed the super troopers to pupils.




All of the classes participated in the PAWS programme, which teaches us how to be safe around water in homes, farms and beaches. 


Playground Markings

Our freshly painted Playground Markings!



Active Schools Committee

Meet our Active Schools Committee for 2018-2019! Thanks to all the pupils, past and present, for all of their hard work on the committee. 




The Active School Flag is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community.

We achieved our first Active School Flag in May 2016. Pupils, teachers, parents and the whole community worked hard to achieve our ASF status.

In our school, we select a new ASF committee consisting of eight pupils from 3rd- 6th class each year. The ASF committee are responsible for several activities such as collecting and distributing P.E equipment and leading the school in morning exercises.


Our pupils participate in many activities both in and outside of school. During the school year, we invite coaches into our school to demonstrate various skills to pupils. These include G.A.A, rugby and basketball coaches. Pupils from 3rd to 6th class attend swimming lessons for 6 weeks during the school year. We also hold an annual Active School Week. The children are involved in tournaments in school such as the Rackard League, Mini 7’s, Rounders and Soccer Blitzes.

All children should participate in at least 60 minutes of exercise each day to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle!


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