Green Schools

Gusserane NS is a green school. So far, we have achieved our first two flags based on the themes of Littter and Waste, and Energy Conservation. We are now working on the theme of Water Conservation for the school years 2017/2018 – 2018/2019. Keep an eye out for news, competitions and photos which will be posted over the course of the two years.


Some members of the Green School Committee went to a Water Workshop in Enniscorthy on the 8th of February and got loads of ideas to save water that we will start doing in School.



Some of our Green School WATER AWARENESS posters and notice board


Tips to Promote Green Living at Home:

  • Have separate bins for rubbish, recycling and compost

  • Keep Lights turned off when not in the room

  • Turn Appliances off fully when not in use

  • Monitor the heating timer – don’t waste oil consumption when it is not cold!

  • Have showers instead of baths

  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

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