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WORLD WATER DAY!!!!! 22nd March

We had so much fun on world water day!

The green schools committee became scientists for the day and helped the different classes perform experiments showing the different  uses of water and the importance or keeping water clean to drink and for the sea animals.

We had 4 experiments

1. Floating and sinking fizzy drinks (showing the weight of sugar and how drinking sugarfree drinks is safer for us and the animals because it will float on the water and can easily be picked up and recycled correctly)

2. Soaking flower and celery (using coloured water, this showed that everything soaks up water and needs it to survive)

3. Think before you flush (using bottles and lots of shaking, the boys showed that toilet paper with disolve in the toilets but wipes won't and will end up clogging the pipes of will end up on the beaches and make the animals sick)

4. TASTE TEST (using water, salt water, lemonade and vinegar this experiment showed that even though they are all clear and look like clean water they don't taste the same and you have to be very careful and make sure you are drinking clean water)


New Water Mascot!!!

Congrats to Lucy Power who won the School Mascot Competition!

Donald the water saving Dolphin will help us all here in Gsserane NS to save water and use it more efficently in the future!! 

And a big thanks to everyone who entered and to the runners up who are also on show!!


 Water Workshop Day!!!

We had so much fun at the Annual Water Workshop day where we learned loads and got loads of ideas on saving water and learning about water in school!!! 



November 30th - Gusserane NS Water day!

We had so much fun in class learning about water and learning our Green School Code!

Thank you so much to the children who dressed up for the day! We were very impressed!



Gusserane N.S Water Day - 30th November!!!!

Come into school dressed up as water and get ready for an amazing day of water fun!! We are gonna learn our Green School CODE and lessons all around water!

Our New Green Schools Board


29th November - This week we wanted to make sure that we arent wasting any water possible ahead of Water Day we to did water leak tests on the toilets in school. We put green food colouring into the toilet bowls and red food colouring into the cisterns and waited to see if the coloured water leaked out onto the floor... thankfully no water leaked :)


Gusserane NS is a green school. So far, we have achieved our first two flags based on the themes of Littter and Waste, and Energy Conservation. We are now working on the theme of Water Conservation for the school years 2017/2018 – 2018/2019. Keep an eye out for news, competitions and photos which will be posted over the course of the two years.


We are working hard to save water in school! Our amazing Greens School codes are on the way :)




Results of our First Water Audit 


Some members of the Green School Committee went to a Water Workshop in Enniscorthy on the 8th of February and got loads of ideas to save water that we will start doing in School.



Some of our Green School WATER AWARENESS posters and notice board


Tips to Promote Green Living at Home:

  • Have separate bins for rubbish, recycling and compost

  • Keep Lights turned off when not in the room

  • Turn Appliances off fully when not in use

  • Monitor the heating timer – don’t waste oil consumption when it is not cold!

  • Have showers instead of baths

  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

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