Parents Association Constitution

Parents Association

Gusserane N.S.


Overview of the PA: 
The purpose of the Parents' Association (PA) is to provide a structure through which parents/guardians of children attending Gusserane NS, Gusserane, New Ross, Co. Wexford can work together to provide the best possible school environment for the pupils. It may advise the principal and the Board of Management in any matter relating to the school in accordance with the Education Act 1998, Section 26 (2) (a).

Membership of the PA: 
All parents or legal guardians of pupils attending Gusserane NS are automatically deemed to be members of the PA, unless they notify the secretary of the PA in writing that they do not wish to be members.

Parents interested in being involved in any of the activities of the PA are welcome to put their name on the committee and attend any meeting during the school year.  Ideally each class should be represented.

The principal or his/her designated representative will be invited to the AGM meeting by the PA.

Aims/Objectives of the PA: 
(a) To assist in furthering the objectives of the school.
(b) To provide a forum for Parents/Guardians of children attending Gusserane NS to work together

      in partnership with the Principal, Board of Management and whole school community, to help

      provide the best possible education for children in the school.

(c) To encourage parents to take an active interest in the school.

(d) To support and promote the ethos of the school.

(e) To represent the views of parents on school policies and activities.
(f) To be affiliated with and work together with national and regional bodies, such as the National

     Parents' Council (NPC).


  1. The ordinary business of the PA shall be administered by a committee of at least 8 and not more than 30 members.
  2. At the AGM, the Chairperson will invite any interested members to form the committee.  Each committee member will give there contact details to the outgoing secretary so as to form a list to pass on to the newly elected secretary.
  3. Should a parent wish to join the committee during the year they may do so by contacting the committee secretary with their contact details and their name shall be added to the committee list.
  4. All parents shall be notified of all PA meetings.
  5. No parent is eligible to continue on the committee when they have no child enrolled in the school.
  6. The committee shall aim to have adequate representation from each class grouping.
  7. All decisions of the committee shall be decided by a simple majority of all members in attendance voting on an issue and in the event of a tied vote the Chairperson shall have a casting vote.
  8. The committee may establish sub-committees to assist it from time to time.  Sub-committees shall consist of at least one committee member and other members of the PA.  Sub-committees shall report to the PA committee.

Officers of the PA: 

  • While all parents are part of the PA, not all can, or wish to be involved in the day-to-day business of organising work. It is for this reason that an officer team is delegated with responsibility for co-ordinating the programme for work on behalf of the parent body. The officers work as a team in order to be effective and communicate with, consult and involve as many parents as possible in the activities of the Association.
  • Volunteers for the officer positions should be sought from the committee prior to the first committee meeting, which shall take place within 3 weeks of the AGM. Sufficient notice should be given to allow for all interested parents/guardians to express an interest. In the event of more than one name being received for any/all roles, an election will take place at the first committee meeting of the PA each year. Voting will be by secret ballot and those wishing to vote must attend this meeting.
  • If an officer vacancy arises during the year, the committee shall elect a replacement at the first available committee meeting.
  • The tenure of the officers shall be one year; at which time they may offer themselves for re-election for a further term.  Following a consecutive second term, the officer must step down from all offices for a minimum of one year.
  • The officer positions are Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer.
  • The parent nominees on the Board of Management may not hold an officer position on the PA but are automatic members of the PA committee.


                                           Definition of Roles

  • Chairs meetings and liaises with the principal.
  • Represents the PA in meetings with new parents.
  • Co-ordinates the AGM.
  • Sets the agenda after consultation with the principal and the Chairperson of the Board of Management.
  • Liaises with the Secretary to ensure that all PA committee members are aware of the contents of the agenda prior to the meeting.
  • Ensures that the minutes are circulated to the PA committee officers by the Secretary.
  • Ensures that items outside the remit of the PA are not discussed at PA regular meetings and are forwarded to the relevant person or group.
  • Can convene special PA meetings if necessary to discuss issues of serious significance.


  • Minutes the proceedings of each meeting and that of the AGM.
  • Ensures that the agenda for each meeting is circulated to committee members at least one week before each committee meeting.
  • Forwards the minutes to the PA committee officers within one week of the meeting.
  • All notices and communications from the PA may be posted, hand-delivered, transmitted electronically or given to a member’s child.  Any such notice shall be deemed to be duly delivered.



  • Keeps the accounts of the PA.
  • Provides each PA meeting with a statement of account.
  • Details fundraising proceeds and the disbursement of funds.
  • Provides a copy of accounts to the first meeting in September, outlining expenses incurred and not yet paid, and income received from the previous school year.


The Work of the Parents' Association: 

  • Meetings will be held by the Parents' Association where activities will be discussed and planned in consultation with the Principal and Board of Management.
  • The PA is responsible for seeing that activities are run efficiently and effectively.
  • The PA maintains effective communication with the school principal and Board of Management.
  • The PA reports on its work at the Annual General Meeting.
  • The PA manages and accounts for any funds collected by its fundraising activities.
  • The PA may, at its discretion, establish sub committees for whatever specific purpose it deems necessary. Each sub-committee should provide an update to the PA.
  • It is not the role of the PA or its officers to pursue a complaint on behalf of an individual or a group of parents. However, in the case of a parent approaching the PA with a concern, they may refer the parents to the school's complaints procedure

The AGM: 
The Annual General Meeting is held in September of each year.  At least 7 days' notice of the agenda shall be given in writing to all parents in the school. A statement of accounts for the year September to September shall be presented by the PA Treasurer on fundraising and dispersal of funds.

Fundraising & Finances: 

  • Fundraising for the school is done only with prior agreement of the Board of Management. The PA will provide its agreed opinion to the Board on specific projects for which funds are to be raised and used for the benefit of the school.
  • Cheques drawn on the PA account shall be signed by two signatories. Authorised signatories shall be the Chairperson, Secretary and the Treasurer.
  • A copy of the accounts shall be forwarded to the Board of Management following the AGM each year.
  • In the event of the PA dissolution, power of attorney shall pass to the Board of Management with the provision that resources be disposed of at the discretion of the School Principal.


Official Statements, Representations and Functions

  • No member of the PA, other than the Chairperson or a member nominated by the Chairperson or the committee, shall make any official or public statement or representation on behalf of the PA.
  • The PA shall not involve itself in the day-to-day running of the school or any contractual arrangements between the school authorities or staff.
  • The PA recognises that matters concerning the school curriculum and its implementation are the function of the school authorities.
  • The Association shall not deal with complaints against members of the school staff or the Principal.

Amendments to the Constitution: 

  • Changes to the constitution can be made at the AGM or, if for an urgent reason, an EGM can be called for that specific purpose.
  • Proposals to change the constitution must be submitted in writing to the PA committee.  The PA committee will then circulate these proposals to all parents for consultation.

Date of Ratification of Constitution: 
This constitution was passed at the AGM of Gusserane NS Parents Association on Wednesday the 4th October 2017.

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